We've got your back. Every step of the way.

It's no secret it business: if you don't succeed, neither do we. So rather than being the biggest company in the industry, we decided to stay focused on what we do best and spend the time with you to get the job done right.


Safety is of the utmost importance on every job we do. That's why we adhere to some of the most stringent safety regulations and life safety issues out there. We've worked with Children's Hospital of Boston for over 25 years with no incidents or violations. We are proud to say that we apply all of their safety standards-some of the toughest in the state-to each and every one of our jobs.

We aim at reducing the risks inherent in our work by creating the safest working environment possible for our employees. We ensure that our workers are properly protected with the appropriate safety equipment for their assigned task. In many cases, RS's health and safety requirements exceed OSHA and other industry standards. All our staff is trained in the latest regulations, laws and procedures, with employees in the field working closely with state and federal agencies.


At RS, we not only provide experienced and licensed workers, we are able to assure our partners have direct contact with supervisors every day to ensure confidence and accuracy on every job. This includes frequent on-site visits from our owner who holds a background in mechanical contracting-including master licenses in plumbing, gas, sprinklers, pipefitting, construction supervising, refrigeration contracting and HVAC, as well as FM Approved Firestopping. Having this kind of extensive knowledge going into every job has been vital for our partners in identifying and avoiding potential hazards, saving significant time and money. No other abatement company in the area is able to offer this kind of service.

Personalized Solutions

Because every project is site-specific, we work directly with you from the start to determine your specific needs. You are a partner, not just a customer. We'll determining things like, when is the optimal time to work in your space and how-after work hours or around peoples' workspaces? RS offers controlled environmental solutions in occupied spaces, specializing in remediation without disrupting staff. So no matter what your needs, restrictions or preferences, we'll find a solution that works for you.

Once the job's started, we're with you every step of the way offering valuable tools like digital data on site with print outs, daily tracking reports with hours worked, work accomplished, disposals tracked, number of bags out and records of prep work. At the end of the job, we provide a complete closeout package including all this information and more. Many of the larger companies just don't have the time or ability to offer these kinds of details.